Pet Portrait Sessions

How Pet Sessions Work

Prior to our shoot we will discuss locations, your pets personality and needs, and the type of photos you had in mind for your session. (ie: close up shots, full on-action shots, more posed types of images). The type of pet you have as well as your pets personality will determine how we go about the session.

What if my house is too small for photos?

We can make great photographs regardless of the house or yard size. Dogs are usually more relaxed and calm in their home environment. If you are nervous about your house as a location for photos I suggest doing a few photos at your home and then more at a nearby park or other safe location.

My dog isn’t well trained and won’t sit on command. Can we still book a shoot?

Absolutely! Every pet is unique, making every pet session different. Part of the fun of dog shoots is being able to capture the spontaneous personalities and candid expressions. These types of photographs are usually turn out way better than posed ones.

What should I bring to the session?

Feel free to have favorite toys and treats on hand.

I have a shy dog. Can we still get photos?

Most certainly! We will be sure to go over your dogs personality before we meet. Shy dogs may require a bit more time as the session will have to go much slower.