What is your Photographic Style?

I want to be able to capture different emotions as they happen. I have a laid back approach since I believe that candid moments usually bring out the best photographs.

What areas do you provide your services?

I am based in Salt Lake City, Utah but I am willing to travel nearby if needed.

What time should I schedule my Photo Session?

Early morning and late afternoon are the best. In photography we refer to these two hours, after sunrise and before sunset as the golden hours. An hour and a half before sunset or before 10 am is the my preferred time.

Do you have a studio?

No, I strictly shoot on-location. This could be your home, your favorite park, a place that brings memories or defines who you are or what your family is all about. If you are not sure of a place I would be more than happy to suggest one.

What should we wear for our Portrait session?

Always wear something that makes you feel comfortable. I am also not a huge fan of logos, so I tend to steer people away from wearing something with a lot of writing/branding on it. It just distracts from you, which is what the photos should be about. Wear an outfit that makes you feel sexy, confident, and says “This is me!” If you really can’t decide bring a second outfit and if there is time you can change. Avoid busy patterns as well. Parents should make children wear what best defines them. Bright colors are always good for children.

Also, do check out my WHAT to WEAR guide for more information.

What is included in my Photo Session?

When you arrive at the location, we will take as many pictures and poses as we possibly can. Usually this means anywhere from 50-200 photo in an hour’s time. Since all my photo sessions are done using natural light conditions, I have GREAT locations with amazing backdrops to utilize the scenery and the lighting in order to give you the best images. In a typical family shoot (4-8 people), we can do multiple poses of the family, group pictures of the kids, individual pictures of the kids, pictures of the parents, any couples etc and some fun candid poses too.

Do you retouch or enhance the images?

All images are individually color corrected and enhanced wherever necessary. Portrait retouching is on request only. NO EXTRA FEE will be charged for the service.

How long does it take to receive my CD of images?

You will receive it in person or in the mail, within 2 weeks of your shoot. If you live in Logan then you will receive the CD in less than week.